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TRANSPORT FLEET Fuel Additives & Treatments

New fuels - New challenges

B5 biodiesel fuel (5% concentration biodiesel) is expected to become mandatory across Europe.

Some countries are discussing the introduction of even higher concentrations of biodiesel – as much as B30 – while some applications already demand higher concentrations, from B30 to B100. Biodiesel fuel will reduce environmental effects. There is strong evidence that biodiesel impacts on engine performance and durability.

  • Biodiesel is prone to fuel dilution and fuel concentration in the sump
  • Oil viscosities can change and lubricants quickly go “out of grade”
  • Viscosities can also increase due to oxidation
  • Increased levels of piston deposits can occur with the likelihood of sludge formation
  • Biodiesel increases the risk of bacterial and fungal contamination in the fuel system

All the above can lead to performance problems (engine will not start if the fuel filter becomes blocked), higher maintenance costs and even reduced engine life. At Millers Oils we have developed fuel treatments to reduce costs, protect engines and gain maximum performance from biodiesel fuels. Take a look at Eclipse, Powercide and Shockdose for more details.


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Piston deposits without and with using Eclipse - click for more


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Engine Deposits partially caused by biodiesel

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Diesel filter blocked by bacterial residue