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Advanced engine oils, transmission oils and fuel treatments for commercial vehicles

“Dedicated to keeping working vehicles working”

Helping fleet operators and managers reduce fuel, servicing and maintenance costs

“Dedicated to keeping working vehicles working”

By using Millers Oils products, you can be sure of warranty compliance, as well as outstanding performance and reliability

“Dedicated to keeping working vehicles working”


Saving iconWe were at the Birmingham NEC for the Commercial Vehicle show from 29th April to 1st May to promote our range of oils and additives as one way to drive fuel economy in the right direction.

A comprehensive range of technically advanced engine oils, transmission oils and fuel treatments for commercial vehicles, bus & coach, agriculture & off-highway, keeps working vehicles and equipment working.

For operators and fleet managers across all transport sectors there's never been a more challenging time. The pressures increase constantly – to reduce fuel and servicing costs, to minimise downtime for maintenance and repair, and to reduce environmental impact. We understand the issues and respond by applying technical expertise to develop lubricants that deliver measurable results for your business.


Commercial vehicle operators face the following challenges.

  • Lower emissions
  • Greater efficiency
  • Tougher conditions

Successful operators develop innovative, practical solutions with expert partners like Millers Oils. Heavy duty long drain low SAPS engine oils and fuel efficient synthetic transmission oils meet these challenges head on. Fuel efficiency improvements and the direct correlation to the reduction in CO2 is further promoted by the use of the Millers Oils range of Eclipse fuel treatments. An added benefit is a reduction in downtime caused by fuel filter and injector pump problems.

Bus & Coach

Bus and Coach operators face the same issues as Fleet operators. Passengers demand a clean, environmentally friendly, efficient, cost effective and timely service. Ever changing legislation and engine design has lead to a greater complexity in heavy duty lubricants including the need for low SAPS fully synthetic technology. Millers Oils have met this challenge by adding Trucksynth LE to the Trucksynth and Truckmaster range. Cost and environmental efficiency is difficult with escalating fuel costs. Eclipse fuel treatments improve fuel economy and cut emissions.

Agriculture & Off-Highway

Agriculture, heavy plant, off-highway and forestry all include the great outdoors as a common element in their day-to-day operations. They share the requirement for high performance lubricants and maintenance products to keep equipment running smoothly and efficiently in demanding working conditions. Heat, cold, dust, water, rough ground are common in these markets.

For over 120 years and since the advent of the first tractors Millers Oils has maintained a reputation as a leading manufacturer of innovative and high quality oils and lubricants to the agriculture and off-highway sectors.


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