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Advanced engine oils, transmission oils and fuel treatments for commercial vehicles

“Dedicated to keeping working vehicles working”

BUS&COACH Engine & Transmission Oils, Fuel Additives

Engine Oils

Constant development has resulted in a range of heavy-duty lubricants which bring measurable advances in durability and performance.

Millers Oils diesel engine oils provide excellent protection and extend average drain intervals up to 100,000 km depending on the vehicle. This means lower servicing costs and less time off the road.

Millers Oils engine oils comply with the technical and environmental demands of the latest diesel engines. Most conform to: Euro I, II, III and the latest Euro IV and Euro V, including EGR, EGR-DPF and SCR engines, with long drain capabilities. Available in mineral, semi synthetic, fully synthetic and fully synthetic low SAPS variants, Millers Oils engine oils are approved by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to the latest Euro IV and V specifications.

Gearbox and Transmission Oils

Gearbox, rear axles and automatic transmissions require long service life protection. Semi and fully synthetic oils provide extra long life service whilst offering a potential for improved fuel economy and easier gear shifting.

The performance levels progress through GL4 and GL5 with ZF and other OEM approvals for the gear and axle oils with the Millermatic range of automatic transmission fluids covering a wide range of specification requirements including ZF, Allison, Voith etc.

Full details are given on the datasheets that can be viewed using the product selector on the left of this page.

Fuel Treatments – New fuels. New challenges.

B5 biodiesel fuel (5% concentration biodiesel) is expected to become mandatory across Europe.

Some countries are discussing the introduction of even higher concentrations of biodiesel – as much as B30 – while some applications already demand higher concentrations, from B30 to B100. Biodiesel fuel will reduce environmental effects. There is strong evidence that biodiesel impacts on engine performance and durability.

  • Biodiesel is prone to fuel dilution and fuel concentration in the sump
  • Oil viscosities can change and lubricants quickly go “out of grade”
  • Viscosities can also increase due to oxidation
  • Increased levels of piston deposits can occur with the likelihood of sludge formation
  • Biodiesel increases the risk of bacterial and fungal contamination in the fuel system

All the above can lead to performance problems, higher maintenance costs and even reduced engine life. At Millers Oils we have developed fuel treatments to reduce costs, protect engines and gain maximum performance from biodiesel fuels. Take a look at Eclipse, Powercide and Shockdose for more details.

Oil and Fuel Sampling

Our laboratories provide sampling and analysis services which allow you to check on fuel systems and monitor oil condition. By using these services you can:

  • Ensure oil performance is maintained consistently through the drain period
  • Determine the safe maximum drain period, making certain the oil works well within its performance limits
  • Highlight potential mechanical problems and set up maintenance routines to prevent breakdown
  • Check engine, gearbox and rear axle lubricants for an accurate assessment of running conditions
  • Present Millers Oils’ oil condition reports as evidence of maintenance best practice

You can find out exactly how your fleet is performing, check on the condition of individual vehicles, spot potential problems and take action before breakdowns and maintenance costs occur.

It's good to know Millers Oils provides a full technical service to give all the information and confidence you need to manage your fleet more effectively.