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What does oil do?

Here's a selection of useful information about common issues faced by drivers of modern, motorsport or classic cars.

For example, the increasing level of ethanol in fuel has an impact on drivers of classic cars but not so much for those driving modern cars. Awareness of brake fluid is of interest to all drivers but only racers need to know about the higher specification racing brake fluids.

Title Modern Car Motorsport Classic Car
Race Engine Oils Red tick Red tick  
Racing Brake Fluid   Red tick  
Brake Fluid Red tick Red tick Red tick
Classic Engine Oils     Red tick
Mini Oil Red tick   Red tick
ZDDP in Engine Oil   Red tick Red tick
Fuel additives for unleaded fuel Red tick   Red tick
CVL Fuel Additive Red tick Red tick  
VSPe Fuel Additive     Red tick
Biofuels   Red tick Red tick

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