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Engine Oil, CLASSIC MINI OIL 20w50

Print version  Product Code: 5489


Engine Oil (Mineral Oil - Multigrade)

Performance Profile

  • API: SF, CD, GL-4


Mineral based engine oil specifically developed to incorporate EP levels of gear protection for use in combined engine and gearbox applications. Also suitable for some classic motorcycles preferably non-roller bearing big end type where the clutch runs in engine oil.


Use in installations where the engine and gearbox share the same oil such as original Mini, and gearbox applications specifying an engine oil. The best possible oil for discerning Mini owners.

User Benefits

  • Improved engine and gearbox protection versus a normal 20w50 engine oil.
  • Longer life for gears, plain bearings and needle/roller bearings
  • Improved gear change quality. Longer idler gear life in transverse Mini engines.

Typical Characteristics

SAE Viscosity20w50
Specific Gravity (at 15°C)0.890
Kinematic Viscosity (at 100°C, cSt)16.7
Kinematic Viscosity (at 40°C, cSt)147
Viscosity Index122
Pour Point (°C)<-15
Flash Point (°C)>200
Cold Crank Viscosity (cP)9,500
TBN (mg KOH/gm)10.66

Health & Safety

We are in the process of preparing new MSDS files to comply with new legislation. If you need an MSDS please contact us.

If you require any further infomation about CLASSIC MINI OIL 20w50 or its use please contact us.


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