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Fuel treatments and additives keep modern engines in good condition to give the best performance.

Our Product Range

Using ECOMAX fuel treatments, drivers report “better than new” engine performance – improved response and better fuel economy. That’s not all, ECOMAX helps combustion, giving a cleaner running engine which is better for the environment.

Fuel treatment benefits:

  • Up to 7% improvement in fuel economy
  • Improves engine response and power delivery
  • Cleans injectors and fuel system – ensuring optimum performance
  • More complete combustion – reducing soot, and NOx emissions
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to use

For petrol cars use the Petrol Power ECOMAX additive and for diesels use Diesel Power ECOMAX. Both are available in 500ml bottles with enough fuel additive to treat ten 50 litre tanks. Extra strength versions of these additives are available in the “one shot” bottles which are ideal for use as pre MOT engine clean up treatments. The powerful cleaners in these fuel additives will clean your complete fuel system. For older cars this clean up may take up to 200 miles/ 350 km.

These products are just 2 of the wider range of fuel treatments and additives we make. Use the product selector to browse the full range for modern cars, classics and motorsports.

RSS news feed | Motorsport News FeedNEWSEVENTS

8/10 /15WRC France Martin Prokop 12th

5/10/15Tuthill Porsche win WRC-GT 2015 Championship

23/06/15Nelson Lukes wins F3 Classic in France

15/06/15WRC Sardina, No finish for Prokop after leading after stage 1

26/05/15WRC Portugal, 10th for Prokop a good result in a new car

25/05/15Donington Park Intermoto team suffer crashes and mechanicals

27/04/15WRC Argentina, 4th for Prokop a great result in a tough rally

16/04/15Team Oliver Truck Racing great start for the team at Brands Hatch

14/04/15World Supersport Championship 3rd for PJ Jacobsen at Aragon, Spain

09/03/15WRC Mexico 6th place in for Martin Prokop

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Ecomax Additive feature

A very high mileage driver paying £1.47 per litre for diesel will save around £500 per year on the cost of fuel purchased

A driver covering around 20000 miles a year would save £160 per year on the cost of fuel purchased, and after taking the cost of the Ecomax fuel additive into account the saving is still a welcome £100 per year.

Whatever the distance driven per year the driver will have been driving with a clean, efficient engine and minimising emissions.

As the cost of fuel increases the saving increases.