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The MillerCare oil analysis service enables consumers to investigate the health of their engine or transmission. The results of the analysis can accurately predict component wear and lubrication life, helping vehicle owners to reduce maintenance costs and better anticipate costly repairs.

The sample kits have everything needed to send the oil sample to our lab in Brighouse. A simple form is provided for customers to give relevant details.

“The lubrication in an engine or transmission is very similar to the blood flowing through our veins,” said Martyn Mann, Millers Oils Technical Director. “Just like a doctor can examine blood samples to determine our health, we can look at oil and determine what kind of life your engine or your transmission is living. From the data gathered we can precisely build up a story to establish if there are any components experiencing unusual amounts of wear and the quality of the oil currently being used.”

The analysis identifies and quantifies wear metals, additives and contaminants in the lubricant. From this, a report is created that highlights any unusual characteristics, which can then be used to determine the health of the engine or transmission. For example, the report could show abnormally high silicone content, which would be an indication that the air filter needs replacing. Or high-levels of iron could point to the deterioration of cylinder liners or piston rings.

The analysis also tests the viscosity of your oil to ascertain if there have been any changes to the lubricant since it was first used. Changes to an oil’s viscosity is usually because of exposure to excessive heat, if it has been in the engine too long or the engine is overheating, or it could be due to the contamination of foreign materials, such as coolant or fuel.

“MillerCare provides our customers with a detailed, yet easy to understand, report that covers all of the test results,” said Mann. “It is the only way to accurately check engine and transmission health without doing a strip down or purchasing expensive exploratory tools.”

MillerCare will initially be sold on a two tier basis; basic and advanced. MillerCare Basic (£29.95 inc VAT) includes the report as discussed, MillerCare Advanced (£39.95 inc VAT) enables customers to do multiple samples to produce a trend graph. By submitting two samples over six months, for example, the customer can monitor an issue highlighted in the first test and see how it has progressed.

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Nano Technology

New Nano Transmission Oils“This is the first product in category of lubricants doing and proving exactly what it tells on the label. I am happy to see it on my own eyes.”

Brno University of Technology, CZ

Oil packs - 1 litre, 5 litres