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Millers Oils have designed a range of high performance fuel treatments designed for the classic car enthusiast as part of our extended car care and maintenance package.

Why use a fuel treatment?

The removal of lead from fuels and the addition of ethanol to fuel can cause problems for classic vehicles ranging from valve seat recession to fuel tank / system corrosion. Ethanol also attacks rubber hoses and seals in fuel systems and metallic parts such as brass and zinc. It also attracts water which can cause corrosion and poor starting. Learn more....

VSPe POWER PLUS - An “ALL IN ONE” fuel treatment providing ethanol protection, lead replacement and an octane improver that adds up to two octane numbers (20 points) to unleaded fuel. Recommended for all classic engines previously requiring leaded fuel and now running on unleaded fuel.

VSPe - A fuel treatment providing ethanol protection and a lead replacement additive to prevent valve seat recession which can occur when using unleaded petrol. Note: - Does not contain any octane improver. Recommended for all classic engines previously requiring leaded fuel now running on unleaded fuel and where an octane improver is not required - this product is being phased out in 2014

EPS - A fuel treatment providing ethanol protection only. Note: - Does not contain a lead replacement or octane improver. Recommended for rebuilt classic engines / vehicles with hardened valve seats previously requiring leaded fuel and now running on unleaded fuel and where an octane improver and lead replacement are not required.

CVL – While this additive forms part of our motorsport range of products used as a competition valve lubricant. The original CVL remains the most effective solution for running older classic competition engines, and engines without knock detection and sophisticated engine management systems, using unleaded fuel. CVL lubricates valves, controls the flame front and prevents detonation

TANK SAFE - A corrosion inhibitor for fuel tanks and fuel systems. Add to fuel before laying-up.

Ethanol - an expensive problem

Although government legislation continues to drive changes in automotive fuels with the objective of reducing emissions and improving fuel efficiency, a significant number of older vehicles, still on the road, are being left with adverse fuel problems by the legislators. See the facts about ethanol in fuel here.

Older classic vehicles do not have the ability to run efficiently and safely on new environmentally friendly fuel formulations in the same way as contemporary engine designs and fuel systems. Typical problems associated with the removal of lead (in 2000) for classic vehicles include a lack of valve lubrication and the need in some cases for the use of hardened valve seats. The problems are now getting worse for classic vehicle owners as the percentage of bio fuel (ethanol) in pump fuel is being increased to help cut harmful emissions. 2011 UK pump fuel contains 5% ethanol and it is likely to increase to 10% in the near future. Some countries are now selling fuel that is 85% ethanol.

The greatest risk from ethanol in unleaded fuel is corrosion from the prolonged storage of fuel in the fuel tank. Classic fuel tanks are commonly made up of lead/tin alloy plated steel that is susceptible to ethanol corrosion. Ethanol is also corrosive to other metallic components including zinc, brass, lead and aluminium which will degrade over time under prolonged exposure to ethanol. In addition ethanol will also attack non-metallic materials such as rubber, cork gasket & leather that can result in costly problems with fuel hoses, seals, washers and gaskets.

A timely solution

Millers Oils has responded to these new fuel problems by introducing a range of three new fuel additives including: VSPe Power Plus, VSPe and EPS. This high quality range enables the classic owner to choose the ‘right level’ of performance and protection for your vehicle.

Martyn Mann, technical director at Millers Oils, commented: “Most, older cars were not built with environmental concerns in mind, and drivers are only able to use the selection of modern fuels found on the forecourt. With fuel prices so high, and maintenance costs often stretching budgets, the last thing the classic enthusiasts needs is a corroded fuel system that can cost the earth to repair”.

“At Millers Oils we are providing market leading solutions to solve difficult problems, and this new range of fuel additives for classic vehicles is the latest addition to our current high quality range of revolutionary fuel treatment products.”

Back in 1999, when the demise of lead in fuel was causing problems for motorists across the UK, Millers Oils introduced VSP PLUS, a lead replacement and octane boosting, fuel additive that added 2 octane numbers (20 points) to unleaded fuel. This product enabled classic and vintage vehicle owners, to maintain their vehicle performance when forced into using unleaded petrol and was vital to prolonging the life span of countless cherished classic cars.